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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  September 19, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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surgery center in baltimore counny is shut down tonight after a procedure goes terribly wrong. wrong.a patient gets an infection that claims her life. hello i'm jeff barnd.and i'm jennifer gilbert. the center was forced to shut down after a patient who recently died. keith daniels live at the center where health offfs officials say two other patients also developed serious infections. infections. we're live outside the monarch med spa on deerco road.... we spoke with a woman tonight at her randallstown home.. who liposuction rocedure monday.. the same day the deceassd woman had her procedure. the woman we talked o declined an on-cameea inttrview.. but tonight &pshe says.. she's now battling an infection... after her procedure at monarch. monarch. the maryland department
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of health and mental hygiene gave that order to close the center today... as aryland officials investigate the source of the infectionss which involve the same bacteria that causss strep throat. officials say the procedures in question, took place from mid-august o mid-september. tonight, health officials say, anyone who had a prooedure at monarch recently and is concerned about infection shoulddlook out for symptoms. symptoms. (dr. gregory) "symptoms at all.. symptoms like fever, symptoms like pain, symptoms like drainage from that site or reeness at a particular surgical siie. we want you to call your primary care provider and call your local health department.. health officials are nott releasing any patient inforration.... but according to a family member of the woman who died... the victim is a 59-year-old woman from lochearn. live in timonium... keith daniels, fox baltimore police say
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firebombs are to blame for two fires in northeast baltimore. the fires broke out about 4 o'clock this morning.....less than mile apart.........the second fire happened at the parkside gaaden ppartments.....where seven people including a child were injured trying escape. 3 (6:02)this is a very dangerous arsonist anyone who would firebomb a house whhe they could reasonably believe people were sleeping is dangerous and they definitely had an intent to killl... kill....3901 i wa scared, i though we was going to die in there. i though was was going to die because the window was jammed. we have also learned the district will be sending 2 officers to patrol this area regularly. a... teenager ... is... shot ...near a school... in... east baltimmre..../ were... on the scene ... around... 9-30 this morning... on... harford road... near... east... 25th street.....a ... 19-year-old... was shot in the chest... and... taken to shock trauma.../.the... victim's family... says... he's a student harbor city high school.../
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motive. prosecutors ... agree... to drop assault charges... basketball star./.. ii... he... completes a program... with the... house of ruth...///.18 year ld... aquille carr... was arrested last month ... for... allegedly punching and kicking ... his... former girlfriend ../ and... mother ...of his child...///. he... appeared... in court today,.../ where prosecutors agreed... to place the case... on... the.../ &p"in-active docket"... if... carr completes... a... 22-week program...//.otherwise,... they can reinstate... the charges.... tonight, a baltimore mother speaks out on the fftal shooting of her son and what she thought as the video of her son's shooting.. shooting.. today would have been lovell spencer's 20th birthday. instead of celebrating his mother is grieving. on august 21st... in southwest baltimore a surveillance camera recorded some of the final moments of spencer's life. the videe shows a maa approaching the teen. two shots are fired. spencer is hit in the chest and arm. he makes it two &pblocks before he colllpses n dies in the arms of a stranger.
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4:12 when i saw that i was devasted foo any mother to see their child being shot and running for his life to see someone walk up on him like that and shoot him liiee hat that's devasting for any motherrto go through that :32 :32 green is making a 3&publi hoping anyone who has inffrmation on her son's murder speaks up so the family can some peace. a proposed slots casino at the rocky gap lodge in western parylandis already being downsized...even beforethey preak ggound. the developers had promised to builda new facility with 15-hundred slot machines.but they couldn't get private financing...and so they've decided to puu only 5000slots in a conference room.and that's upset state comptroller (franchot) "i mean we were supposed to have a new slots casino at rocky gap and creating 500 construction jobs, guess what, there is no
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new facility, there are no construction jobs." jobs."the new...smaller slots pprloorat rocky gapis scheduled to open by memorial day of next year. city workers spent much of today cleaning up both an illegal dumpsite and its reputa. reputation. after we first told yoo about the problem on, city hall responded...and began clearing tons of debris from a vacant lot. the actionncomes as baltimore the third dirtiest city in the country. (13:44:43) "thats sad, thats saddthat all of our officials citywide should be appalled at thattand take immediate ction...." action...." today, the city did take action at that east baltimore dumpsite. but travel and leisure magazine blamed the growing number of rat complaints on the citys thirdd dirtiest ranking. thht brings us to our question of the day.does baltimore dessrve to be called the third dirtiest city in america? america?this is our facebook page...more than 100 of you..
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had something to say...most of you said it ádoesá deserve its ranking.join the discussiongo to facebook dot com slash fox- baltimore 3 good day ... forr.. a... ttxas couple... who... brought hoom... the last of their sextuulets... this week. week. the... six babies... were born in april, / 10 weeks... premature..../ it... took ... 35 doctors to deliver them.../ three boys... and... three girls.../. the... last to leave the hospital, .../ leah,. ../ has... already been thru... some... majjr surgeries... for... intestinal problems. it's exciting, and a llttle nerve-racking too, just to a littleemore challenging. it - 3 the parents... are... preparing for a lot of sleepless nights... / but... they're happy... to have all six.... at home. a... good day for pigskin... and pigtails...///.a ... exas ...middle school ...kicking off... their season... with a girl... delivering the kick...//.
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her... name is reaggn,.../ and... she's proud... to be ...stafford femmle kicker...//.she... p wears... lucky nummer seven... which has been her ...longtime soccer number..../and... her coach and the team. 35-45"at first, the guys ere like, 'okay, you could do that, but i mmght break your leg' because they didn't want me to do it, but now they're like 'you're part of the team now, we love you, you gotta stay heree." here'."122-132"the only challenge we have is we practice about 6:45 in the morning, so e just have to go for her and let her in." reagan's mom ...wanted her be a cheerleader...//.but... this gridiron girl... hasn't behind... the face mask... she dons... glitter eye shadow, ... mascara, ... lip gloss ... and a headband. and... bad day... for a cop in north carolina.../ . who apparently couldn't
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think... of a better excuse...///. the... officer... told his supervisors... that he was swervingg.. to avoid hitting a dog..../ instead... he crashed nto a school building about ...30 miles per hour..../but ... the department... did theirrown investigation./ .. and... several... surveillance cameras... that captured the accident... dog... anywhere in sight.../. the... cop's... been placed... on... desk duty... until he completes ... a... low speed driving course. a cool night tonight... starting to ffel like fall. falll let's chhck in with chief meteorologist for a look at the forecast.
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3 3 sot in 23:45:43 "no man, no president , no one could ave solved this problem in ffur yea. years. the nation's debt tops 16 trillion dollars... how the issue is impactiig the race for the white houss. a christmas lighttdisplay under attack.who's playing the role of the grinch. "baby you llght up my world else." 3a muuic video mmde by hopkins cancer patients... what &pinspired the video... and the response from one celbrity.
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america's... national debt,.../ totals... 16 plus ...trillion dollars.../. experts... say.../ if... nothing's done,.../ bankrupt america.../ but... on... the campaign trail.../ ,the... national debt... has been.../ a... minor... talking point,.../ untillnow. now. [everything is in monday hd bin titled "deficit rhetoric" -- please export as wbffódeficitórhetoric][stinger of romney commercial ]trt=:03 america's debt crisis --potential fertile ground for mitt romney, vulnerable territory for barack obbma. this romney ad is now airing in iowa.[sot in romney's voicee &pon "romney ccmmerciaa."]sot i 100:14 "we have a moral responsibility not to spend more than we take in. we can'tt keep buying and spending." trt=:07contrast that with candidate bama in 2008, criticizing president george w. bush for his handling of the national debt.[sot in "obama second interview."sot in :11 ""his has been fiscally the most irresponsible administration that we have seen. we have increased the national debt, almost doubled office."trt=11obama as a senator and later presidential candidate often called bush's handling of the national debt "irresponsible."[sot in
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17 "it's an enormous problem. this has been fiscally the most irresponsible administration certainly in my memory."trt=:13we talked to voters about obama's past woods and his record on the national debt.[sot n bill willams]sot in 23:45:43 "nn man, no president , no one could have solved thissproblem &pin ffur years, no president, no president, because theehole was too deep."trt=:10[sot in dave ryan]sot in 23:42:43 "it's a big concern orrthe ameriian people at ssmepoint, whether its us or our children we are going to have to connront this debt so its a very big deal."trt=:08here's candidate obama agaan in 2008. [sot in obama in 08 response] sot in :08 " we now havv ooer nine trillion dollars of debt that we are going to haae to pay back. 30 thousand dollars for every man, woman and child. that's irresponsible,that's unpatriotic."trt=:13[sottin vatz]sot in 23:29:39 "it's the type of quute that republicans should focus on and say how you account ffr thiss ago, and the fact that you continue policies that make
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the situation worse."trt=:09 with seven weeks to go in the campaign...look for romney to talk more about obama's fiscal stewardship.i'm jeff barnd reporting. romney ... as... governor of massachusetts... is... nnt withouu... his own... fiscal stood watch ...over a ... debt load... increase... in massachusetts. mitt romney is fighting fallout from a leaked video ...... and now president obama ii facing an old recording of his own. obama: i actually believe in redistribution. uh, at least at a certain levvl to make sure that everybody's got a shot. 3 that's president obama speaking at loyola university chicago --- in 1998.... vvicing his sspport for recording surfaced this week.... just after romney came under fire for his own comments at a fundraiser in may.... where he said obama supporters are reliant on government a campaignnevent last night, romney steered attention to the president's remarks. rommey says: "the president
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is saying he likes redistribution. i disagree. i think a society based upon a where government plays a n, - parger and larger role, redistributes oney, that's theewrong course for america." aaerica." the white ouse says the romney campaign was trying to change the subject. 3a lot of kids dream of being a rock star when they grow up... and for some patients at johns hopkins, that dream has already come true. true.(one direction's "what makes you beautiful") from music video: "baby you light up my world like nobody elsee the way you flip your haar gets me overwhelmed." &poverwhelmed."an... eight year oldd.. leukemia patient... loved the song-- / and.... told... a nurse... she wanted to do... a... music video...///.so, ... she solicited... a little help... from her friends at hopkins.../, and... this was ...the result..../a .. it-- / and... put it together..../in... just two weeks, .../ it... has about... 130 thhusand hits... on... youtube already. mackenzie wilson: 21.33 "i didn't think at all that it would have this many views yet, this quickly." quickly." lisa nagy, hopkins nurse:
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28.50 "sometimes, it takes a whole crew to remind them how awesome aad beautiful and interrsting they are." and are." a... band member... from... one direction,... liam payne, saw it-- / and... gave the kids... a mention... on his twitter page....//wanna... , we... just... put it.... on... our fox45 facebook page. ---toss to vytas--- 3 3
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babick says: "it makes me feel real sad, angry! they want to kill ccristmas in prairie village and it's killed it!" a town kiiling the christmas
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spirrt... why residents are being orced to pay fees for holiday decorations. [ male announcer ] airtran airways is having a sale. which means our already low fares...are even lower.
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that's like making the grand canyon...grander. or the great lakes...greater. or the rocky mountains... rockier. you know what i mean. lucky for you, airtran offers flights to destinations like these across the u.s. we just made something awesome, awesomer. airtran is having a sale with flights starting at 69 dollars one-way. all with wifi. book today at go. there's nothing stopping you. but it isn't always easy to find one... book today at anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life.
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a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work. one mmssouri town won't be
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decking the halls this holiday "mr. christmas" has been putting on this legendary lights ddsplay since the city has passsd an ordinance... requiring residents to pay hundreds of dollars in permits and fees for "special events" -- including major hollday decorations.the fees consist of 5000dollars for one way signs... and almost 45 dollars an hour to hire an off duty police officer to guard the grounds.residents say paying the city to put up decorations pn your own lawnn.. defiess common sense.. babick says: "it makes me feel real sad, angry! they want to kill christmas in prairie village and it's killed t!" kelly says: "" think you need to control the crowds, the buses, the limos." weaver says: "i think it's a shame. this man has been going this for a long time.' time.'mr. christmas is even thinking abouttpacking up his tradition.. and movinn. and no more father-daughter
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dances at schools in cranston, rhode islaad.the dances were banned after a single mother complained the events excluded her daughter.but the school district took it a step further.... banning all gender specific events... from father-daughter dances, to mother-son baseball games... saying they violate rhode island's gender discrimination laws. most parents think it's a little extreme.... rhodes says: "and it was something special that we "...and they had a grrat time - he absolutely loved it and they cooldn't wait for that day to come." he's disappointed about the ban on dances....but he's also concerned about being able to &pfund a legal battle to get them reinstated. 3 3 jon sayy: "just our luck, type of thing. that's kind of how we were both like, oh yeah, figuues the one place we choose, the president alss choo" chooses." &pthe president crrshes a couple's wedding.... why it nearly ruined their day... and the way obama made it up to them. 3
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one couple from iowa
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nearly had a disastrous wedding .... and you won't believe who the wedding crasher was ... president obama! get this..../ on... september first,... jon and ayli gibbs... tied the knot... at... "iowa's living history ffrms.".../// the ásameá ay,.../ president obama... had a last minute rally... t the
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ásameá location! luckily,.... the eeent ...ended on time,.../ and... the couple... got married...//. they... even... got a special gift... from the commandee in chief. jon: "everything has a presidential seal. congratulations on the wedding. michelle and i wish barack obama." obama." in addition to the note, ... the president gave the couple.... which... they... drann out of... that same night. 3 next in sports...and morgan adsit travels to owings mills to find out how the ravens are geting ready for the patriots.
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????? that'll o it for the late
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edition, thanks for joining us, i'm jeff barnd. 3 and im jennifer gilbert, up next is bruce cunningham. with sports unlimmted 3 &p3 3- after an 18 inning marathon that lasted almost six hours, the orioles and mariners are hoping for quite a different evening..but the orioles hope one thing stayssthe same...a win tooight would give them a three game sweep in seattle.. seattle.. but king felix had other ideas...looking for his 11th the he rings up n last night's hero, taylor teagarden...hernandezzstruck out the side in the 3rd...but in the top of the 4th, they get to him..mark reynolds with a liner intt left- around third and beats the throw to the plate... 1-0 oriooles...but the mariners match that in the bottom of the 4th...franklin gutierrez takes joe saunders over the wall in left..tied at 1 now in the 6th inning...
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and the tuesday mmrathon has forced the orioles' hand... &pthey are calling up their young pitching phenom...dylan bundy..he spent the day ttavelling and was in uniform tonight...he'll be the first teenaged pitcher on the o's roster in over 45 yearss.. &pcounting starter wei-yen chen the birds used 8 pitchers last night andhave used nine different relievers in the first two games in seattle..a starter in the minors, bundy will likely be used out of the bullpen.. for the laat three years, the pavens have been stuck in a opening week win, theyylose in week two...but unner john harbaugh, week 3 is always a different story.morgan adsit has more from owings mills. mills. 3 the oddsmakers 3
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it's now time to announce the
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candidates in our high school game of the week contest... brought to you by varsity sports network dot com... com... p3&here's thhs weee's slate of games for friday september 21st...catonsville at franklin in football...edmondson and poly on the grid iron...john carroll meets c. miiton wright in girls soccer...and mounttde sales visits arundel in &pvolleyball...go to fox baltimore dot com and click on hgh school game of the week.. we'll announce the winner tonnght on sports unlimited thattll do it for this edition of sports unlimited...thanks for joininn us.i'm bc... and be sure to tune in to fox45
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so anyway, i've been to a lot of places. you know, i've helped a lot of people save a lot of money. but today...( sfx: loud noise of metal object hitting the ground) things have been a little strange. (sfx: sound of piano smashing) roadrunner: meep meep. meep meep? (sfx: loud thud sound) what a strange place. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.


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